Dental Emergencies



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Dental emergencies are never convenient and never come on a convenient time, in order to serve the dental emergency needs of Frisco and our surrounding communities we are open till 6pm Tuesday thru Saturday, walk-in dental emergencies are welcome and same day dental treatment is available.


The most important thing to do in any emergency including dental is to stay calm and try to think clearly.

  • If you have chipped or fractured a tooth please do not try to place it back or try to fix it yourself and cause more harm.
  • If you think you have aspirated or inhaled a tooth or part of it into your lungs or have developed an oral abscess making your breathing difficult then call 911 right away.
  • Please do not take pain or antibiotic medications of other family members that have not been prescribed to you for your dental condition.
  • Please do not drive yourself to the dental office if under the influence or in any condition compromising your driving abilities.


As your emergency dentist in Frisco, we are here to help you in urgent dental emergencies and have booked time every day in our schedule to get you the much needed dental treatment as quick as possible on your arrival.