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Keeping your gums healthy is very important because conditions like periodontal disease and oral cancer can impact both your dental and overall health if they are not treated properly. At Zensmiles in Frisco, TX, we use new laser technologies to treat a wide array of gum issues. Our high-powered laser helps board-certified dentist Dr. Mohit Shardha more effectively treat periodontitis (the advanced stage of gum disease). Dr. Shardha also uses laser technology to perform oral pathologies and diagnose cancer and pre-cancer within the mouth. Laser gum treatments can also be used for some cosmetic procedures to help reshape the gums or reduce the appearance of a "gummy" smile. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Shardha to learn more about laser gum treatments at his office in Frisco, TX.


Reshape or Recontour the Gums around the Teeth at Zensmiles

Your gums may overtake your teeth, falling so low over the white enamel that only a portion of the whole tooth is visible. You may have uneven gums that go lower on some teeth than others, making it look like you have a crooked smile.

What causes this problem? Most people simply develop a gummy smile as their adult teeth grow in.

Though not as common, excessive gum growth may also be caused by some medications and health conditions. This type of gum overgrowth is also called gum enlargement or gingival hyperplasia, depending on the underlying cause.

If you have gum overgrowth rather than a natural gummy smile, a gum lift becomes a treatment rather than a cosmetic procedure.

It’s important to treat gum overgrowth to maintain healthy gums. In fact, we performed gum lifts to treat gum disease for years before it became a popular cosmetic procedure.


When you get a gum lift, we give you the best balance of teeth and gums. We reduce the amount of gum tissue and sculpt what remains to perfectly frame your teeth. With a shorter gum line, your teeth immediately look longer and fuller so they take center stage when you smile.

In some cases, the underlying bone may contribute to your gummy smile. After we examine your teeth, we let you know if that’s a problem for you and explain how we can also reshape the underlying bone if needed.





There are many instances in which a patient may benefit from laser gum therapy. For periodontal disease, the laser may be used to remove plaque and bacteria that is deep inside the pockets of the gums. For a biopsy, the laser is used to cut out tissue from the needed area. Laser gum therapy may also help those who want to get rid of overgrown gum tissue and increase the visible enamel to achieve a more appealing smile. Compared to conventional gum surgery, laser gum treatments are less invasive and don't require sutures. Thanks to innovative laser technology, your treatment will be more comfortable, and you'll get to enjoy a shorter recovery time.



What to Expect

Laser gum treatment can be performed in our office and normally only requires local anesthesia. However, other sedation choices could be available if you have dental fears or anxiety. Prior to your treatment, Dr. Shardha will go over exactly what to expect throughout the procedure, whether you're being treated for gum disease, getting a dental biopsy, having a crown lengthened, or undergoing aesthetic gum sculpting. Our intuitive laser minimizes bleeding and often eliminates the need for stitches.


To perform precise and effective periodontal treatments, Dr. Mohit Shardha uses innovative laser technology for both restorative and cosmetic procedures. Whether you need to address periodontal disease, get an oral biopsy, or want to improve the overall look of your smile, laser gum remedies allow Dr. Shardha to complete your procedure in a shorter visit with quicker healing times. Insurance may cover a portion of your laser gum therapy, depending on your unique situation. To learn more about laser treatments or to schedule an appointment, contact Zensmiles in Frisco, TX.

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