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A confident smile is a powerful tool that can light up a room, leaving a lasting impression on everyone you meet. However, over time, factors like aging, consumption of certain foods and beverages, and habits like smoking can cause teeth to lose their natural brightness. In-office teeth whitening Zensmile is a popular and effective solution to restore the luster of your smile.

The Benefits of In-Office Teeth Whitening:

Rapid Results: In-office teeth whitening at Zensmiles, Frisco is renowned for its immediate results. Unlike over-the-counter whitening products that may take weeks to show noticeable changes, in-office treatments can brighten your teeth by several shades in just one session.

Customized Treatment: A major advantage of our in-office whitening is that it is tailored to your specific needs. Dr. Shardha will evaluate your teeth and adjust the treatment to achieve the desired level of whitening, ensuring a natural-looking and uniform result.

Safe and Controlled Environment: At Zensmiles whitening takes place under the supervision of a licensed Cosmetic dentist in a controlled environment, minimizing the risk of potential side effects. We at Zensmilesuse high-quality, professional-grade whitening agents, providing a safe and effective treatment.

Enhanced Confidence: A brighter smile can boost your self-esteem and confidence, allowing you to showcase your best self in both personal and professional settings.

The In-Office Teeth Whitening Procedure:

Dental Examination: Before beginning the whitening process, Dr. Shardha will conduct a thorough examination of your oral health. This is to ensure that your teeth and gums are in good condition and to identify any potential issues that may need to be addressed before the whitening treatment.

Application of Whitening Gel: Once the Doctor gives the green light for the procedure, a protective barrier will be applied to your gums to shield them from the whitening gel. The whitening gel, containing a higher concentration of hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide, is then carefully applied to the surface of your teeth.

Activation: To accelerate the whitening process, some in-office treatments use a specialized light or laser to activate the whitening gel. This step helps break down stains and discoloration more effectively.

Multiple Sessions: Depending on the level of discoloration and desired results, the entire procedure may involve multiple sessions of gel application and activation.

Aftercare and Maintenance: Following the in-office teeth whitening, we will provide you with aftercare instructions to ensure long-lasting results. Avoiding certain staining agents like coffee, tea, and tobacco and maintaining good oral hygiene will help preserve the brightness of your smile.

In-office teeth whitening is a transformative and effective procedure that can significantly enhance the beauty of your smile. Its numerous benefits, rapid results, and customized approach make it a preferred choice for individuals seeking a brighter, more confident version of themselves. However, it's essential to consult with a dental professional to determine if in-office teeth whitening is suitable for your unique dental needs. So why wait any longer? Embark on the journey to unveil your radiant smile today and leave a lasting impression wherever you go. Call or fill out the form to contact us today for an appointment.

ZOOM LASER TEETH WHITENING: A Brighter Smile in a Flash

A dazzling, white smile can boost your confidence and leave a lasting impression on everyone you meet. However, maintaining a pearly white smile can be challenging, especially with factors like aging, lifestyle habits, and dietary choices causing teeth to lose their natural brightness. Fortunately, Zoom teeth whitening offers a cutting-edge solution that can revitalize your smile and leave you with a radiant, picture-perfect grin. In this article, we will delve into the world of Zoom teeth whitening, exploring its benefits, procedure, and why it has become a popular choice for individuals seeking a brighter and more confident version of themselves.

Understanding Zoom Teeth Whitening:

Zoom teeth whitening is an innovative, in-office teeth whitening procedure that utilizes advanced light-activated technology to remove stubborn stains and discoloration from teeth. Developed by Philips, Zoom is a safe and effective teeth whitening treatment that has gained widespread popularity for its rapid and long-lasting results.

The Benefits of Zoom Teeth Whitening:

a. Speedy Results: One of the main advantages of Zoom teeth whitening is the rapid results it offers. Unlike many traditional teeth whitening methods, which may take weeks to show noticeable changes, Zoom can brighten teeth by several shades in just a single session.

b. Customized Treatment: Each individual's dental needs are unique, We at Zensmiles with our extensive background, advanced training and experience in cosmetic dentistry can tailor the treatment to address specific concerns and ensure that the whitening process is both effective and personalized.

c. Safe and Comfortable: Zoom teeth whitening is a safe procedure that takes place under the supervision of top cosmetic dentist's at Zensmiles, Frisco. Additionally, the process is designed to minimize tooth sensitivity, providing a comfortable experience for patients.

d. Long-lasting Effects: With proper aftercare and maintenance, the results of Zoom teeth whitening can last for an extended period, giving you a brighter smile that stands the test of time.

 The Zoom Teeth Whitening Procedure:

a. Consultation: The Zoom teeth whitening journey begins with a Cosmetic dentistry consultation with Dr. Shardha at Zensmiles, Frisco. During this visit, your oral health will be assessed, and your dentist will determine if Zoom is the right option for you.

b. Preparing for the Treatment: Before the whitening process begins, we will ensure that your gums and lips are adequately protected. A special Zoom hydrogen peroxide whitening gel will then be applied to your teeth.

c. Activation with Zoom Light: The next step involves activating the whitening gel using the Zoom Advanced Power Chairside Lamp. This specialized light accelerates the whitening process, breaking down stubborn stains and discoloration.

d. Cycles and Aftercare: The entire procedure typically involves three or four 15-minute cycles of whitening. Throughout the process, the whitening gel will be reapplied to your teeth. After the treatment, we will provide you with aftercare instructions to maintain the results.

Zoom teeth whitening has revolutionized the way we achieve a brighter, more confident smile. With its speedy results, personalized treatment, and safe application, Zoom is a popular choice for individuals looking to rejuvenate their smile. If you dream of a radiant and dazzling grin, consider exploring the benefits of Zoom teeth whitening at Zensmiles. Embrace the transformation and let your newfound confidence shine through your radiant smile!

EpicX Laser Teeth Whitening at Zensmiles: A New Era of Brilliant Smiles

A captivating smile can make a world of difference in how we feel about ourselves and how others perceive us. Teeth whitening is a sought-after cosmetic dental procedure that can help achieve that dazzling, white smile we all desire. Zensmiles, a renowned dental clinic, has introduced the cutting-edge EpicX laser teeth whitening system, offering patients a revolutionary way to transform their smiles. In this article, we will explore the wonders of EpicX laser teeth whitening at Zensmiles and why it has become a game-changer in the world of cosmetic dentistry.

Introducing EpicX Laser Teeth Whitening:

The EpicX laser teeth whitening system at Zensmiles is a state-of-the-art technology designed to deliver exceptional and rapid teeth whitening results. This innovative procedure utilizes advanced laser technology to achieve stunningly white teeth, often in a single appointment. Unlike traditional teeth whitening methods, the EpicX system offers a more efficient, comfortable, and time-saving experience for patients.

The Advantages of EpicX Laser Teeth Whitening:

a. Speedy and Immediate Results: One of the primary benefits of the EpicX system is the impressive speed at which it achieves teeth whitening. The powerful laser targets deep stains, removing them effectively to reveal a visibly brighter smile in just one appointment.

b. Safe and Comfortable Procedure: The EpicX laser teeth whitening procedure is performed by skilled dental professionals at Zensmiles, ensuring maximum safety and comfort for patients. The laser's energy is precisely calibrated to avoid any damage to the teeth or gums, providing a worry-free experience.

c. Long-Lasting Effects: With proper oral hygiene and regular dental care, the results of EpicX laser teeth whitening can last for an extended period. Patients can enjoy their beautiful, bright smiles for months after the treatment.

d. Customized Treatment: At Zensmiles, each patient's dental needs are unique, and the EpicX system allows for personalized treatment plans. Top cosmetic dentist Dr. Shardha assess the level of discoloration and customize the treatment to ensure optimal results for every individual.

The EpicX Laser Teeth Whitening Process:

a. Initial Consultation: The process begins with an initial consultation at Zensmiles, where the Dr. Shardha examines the patient's oral health and determines their eligibility for the EpicX treatment.

b. Preparation: During the procedure, we will protect the patient's gums and lips, ensuring that only the teeth are exposed to the laser.

c. Laser Activation: The EpicX laser is carefully calibrated and activated, targeting the teeth with a specialized whitening gel. The laser energy breaks down stains and discoloration, leaving the teeth noticeably brighter.

d. Multiple Cycles: Depending on the level of discoloration, the process may involve multiple cycles to achieve the desired whiteness. Throughout the procedure, the dental professional monitors the progress to ensure an even and consistent result.

EpicX laser teeth whitening at Zensmiles has revolutionized the world of teeth whitening with its exceptional speed, safety, and long-lasting results. Patients seeking a radiant, confident smile can trust in the expertise of the dental professionals at Zensmiles, where the EpicX system paves the way to a new era of brilliant smiles. If you're ready to transform your smile and unleash your self-assured glow, consider experiencing the wonders of EpicX laser teeth whitening at Zensmiles – where your dream smile becomes an astonishing reality.


In-office teeth whitening is a fantastic choice for anybody looking to remove stains and discoloration from their teeth to enjoy a whiter and brighter smile. Before you have laser teeth whitening, Dr. Shardha will make sure your teeth are healthy enough to handle the procedure and discuss your concerns, aims, and treatment options. Professional whitening can be great if you want fast, dramatic results or if you have dental restorations, such as bridges or crowns. Unlike store-bought whitening treatments, your laser procedure at Zensmiles will be customized to your needs so that you can receive an appealing outcome. Our Frisco, TX office is unique in that we can offer any level of sedation for your comfort, thanks to Dr. Shardha's dual-training in dentistry and anesthesiology.

What to Expect

Performed in our Frisco, TX office, laser whitening does not require anesthesia, but if you've got dental anxiety or a powerful gag reflex, sedation options are available. Your teeth will be cleaned and dried before treatment so the whitening product can be applied evenly. Afterward, a protective barrier will be put over your gums, and your eyes will be protected using special glasses. Dr. Shardha will paint a professional-strength whitening gel onto your enamel and expose your teeth to a special curating light. The combination of the BIOLASE® laser technology and gel work to break down the stains. Depending on your existing enamel shade and desired result, this process could be completed around 2 – 3 more times. Once your treatment is finished, the rest of the gel and protective gum barrier will be removed before your teeth are rinsed.


For long-lasting outcomes, in-office laser teeth whitening at Zensmiles can easily eliminate years' worth of discoloration and stains. Whether you're looking for natural outcomes or dramatic improvements to the color of your teeth, top-rated cosmetic dentist Dr. Mohit Shardha will personalize your laser teeth whitening treatment to meet your needs and goals. For more information about laser teeth whitening and its cost, contact our team in Frisco, TX and schedule your consultation.

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