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There are a number of factors, foods, and habits that can lead to tooth discoloration, such as drinking dark fluids, eating staining foods, and smoking or chewing tobacco. To help remove years of stains and restore the radiance of your enamel, Zensmiles provides laser teeth whitening to help you feel confident with your smile. This is a quick cosmetic procedure that can effectively brighten your teeth by multiple shades in a single appointment. Dr. Mohit Shardha, a top-rated cosmetic dental care provider in Frisco, TX, will create a customized treatment program that will help you achieve a more beautiful smile.


Zoom teeth whitening is a revolutionary method developed by Philips that brightens your smile. The system uses blue LED light-accelerated technology as well as a hydrogen peroxide based gel to achieve brighter teeth, protect tooth enamel, and reduce tooth sensitivity.

We chose the Zoom system because it has shown the greatest results for all of our patients compared to other whitening systems out there.


We use BIOLASE EpicX laser system. Research has shown that Epic dental lasers are capable of delivering 6-12 shades (varies by patient) with less than 20 minutes of gel-to-tooth contact time. The laser energy from an Epic laser interacts with chromophores in the proprietary laser-activated gel to accelerate the in-office whitening procedure.

The EpicX laser whitening is particularly suited for patients who have sensitive teeth and cannot tolerate 60-70 minutes of conventional whitening times.

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In-office teeth whitening is a fantastic choice for anybody looking to remove stains and discoloration from their teeth to enjoy a whiter and brighter smile. Before you have laser teeth whitening, Dr. Shardha will make sure your teeth are healthy enough to handle the procedure and discuss your concerns, aims, and treatment options. Professional whitening can be great if you want fast, dramatic results or if you have dental restorations, such as bridges or crowns. Unlike store-bought whitening treatments, your laser procedure at Zensmiles will be customized to your needs so that you can receive an appealing outcome. Our Frisco, TX office is unique in that we can offer any level of sedation for your comfort, thanks to Dr. Shardha's dual-training in dentistry and anesthesiology.

What to Expect

Performed in our Frisco, TX office, laser whitening does not require anesthesia, but if you've got dental anxiety or a powerful gag reflex, sedation options are available. Your teeth will be cleaned and dried before treatment so the whitening product can be applied evenly. Afterward, a protective barrier will be put over your gums, and your eyes will be protected using special glasses. Dr. Shardha will paint a professional-strength whitening gel onto your enamel and expose your teeth to a special curating light. The combination of the BIOLASE® laser technology and gel work to break down the stains. Depending on your existing enamel shade and desired result, this process could be completed around 2 – 3 more times. Once your treatment is finished, the rest of the gel and protective gum barrier will be removed before your teeth are rinsed.


For long-lasting outcomes, in-office laser teeth whitening at Zensmiles can easily eliminate years' worth of discoloration and stains. Whether you're looking for natural outcomes or dramatic improvements to the color of your teeth, top-rated cosmetic dentist Dr. Mohit Shardha will personalize your laser teeth whitening treatment to meet your needs and goals. For more information about laser teeth whitening and its cost, contact our team in Frisco, TX and schedule your consultation.

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