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what is a smile makeover?

Dr. Shardha is a top rated  smile makeover dentist in Frisco, TX, who uses state-of-the-art techniques to transform even the most compromised smiles. If you want to enjoy a celebrity smile every day of the year, Dr. Mohit Shardha and his team can make that dream come true.

We believe when it comes to the smile of your dreams there should be no compromises in quality and craftsmanship. In order to get you the "Hollywood Smile" you have always been looking for, we use one of the best labs in the Country - daVinci Dental studios in Beverly Hills, CA (Extreme Makeover Fame). We want you to get the most life-like results that will transform the way your smile, look and feels, making you more confident and bring about a positive change in your personal and professional lives.

A smile makeover at Zensmiles is a customized treatment plan of primarily cosmetic dental procedures that can help to improve the look of your teeth and the overall health of your mouth. A smile makeover may consist of laser teeth whitening, cosmetic veneers, orthodontics, dental bonding and contouring, or replacing old metal fillings with composite resin. Your smile makeover may also include dental restorations such as porcelain bridges or porcelain crowns to replace missing teeth if needed. If you want to know more about transforming your smile so that it's both healthier and more gorgeous, schedule a consultation with Dr. Mohit Shardha at his office in Frisco, TX to receive your personalized treatment plan.

Candidates for a Smile Makeover

A good candidate for a smile makeover is someone who is not satisfied with their smile. They may lack confidence in the appearance of their teeth. Other people who may want to consider a makeover of their smiles are those who are having functional issues.

Misshapen teeth, crooked teeth, and gaps in the mouth can affect speech and cause other complications such as difficulty and pain when chewing. People can choose to have a smile makeover for many reasons. Our team can create a customized treatment plan according to each patient’s unique needs and goals.



A smile makeover may help if you want to enhance the look of your teeth or if you need multiple cosmetic procedures to achieve that perfect "Hollywood Smile". Dr. Shardha will personalize your treatment plan to fulfill your aims and address your concerns. Cosmetic solutions that might be included in your plan could include teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, or bonding and contouring to correct the length and shape of your teeth and to mask minor gaps between teeth. Restorations (bridges and crowns) may also be used to replace a missing tooth or teeth. At Zensmiles, we use custom-made restorations to ensure they blend with your natural teeth for a seamless look.

Before you have any cosmetic treatments, Dr. Shardha will need to make sure your gums and teeth are healthy. If you have any restrictive oral health issues, such as a dental malocclusion or gum disease, this will have to be addressed first.

What To Expect

Each smile makeover is customized, so Dr. Shardha will discuss what to expect during your initial consultation and before each step of the process, including how many appointments you might require. He will schedule your treatment sessions so you have plenty of time to heal between each procedure. Local anesthesia will likely be necessary for some of your treatments; however, other sedation choices can be included if you require help relaxing due to dental worries or anxiety. Dr. Shardha is a trained and qualified anesthesiologist, so he can offer you any level of sedation to suit your needs. During your smile makeover, Dr. Shardha will be accessible to answer any questions and to help you feel more comfortable.


Top-rated cosmetic dentist Dr. Mohit Shardha is pleased to offer the smile makeover to patients throughout North Texas. He strives to help people achieve a smile they'll love showing off with effective and proven cosmetic services that help to elevate the visual appeal of a smile. Once your treatment plan has been developed, he will go over everything you need to know, including financial details and treatment planning. Get in touch with our office in Frisco, TX to schedule your consultation and to find out how you can get a more beautiful smile soon.

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