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When you want to transform your smile for the better, Zensmiles in Frisco, TX is the ideal place to begin your journey. We offer many innovative cosmetic solutions to enhance the beauty of your smile, including Lumineers. Although there are many commonalities between Lumineers and conventional veneers, there are some important differences that set them apart. Overall, what makes Lumineers so great is that they're incredibly thin, measuring in at about 0.2 mm. Traditional veneers are usually much thicker, which requires your enamel to be filed down to make room for the shells. Luckily, Lumineers shells are paper-thin, making it no longer necessary for Dr. Mohit Shardha to file down your teeth to finish the process. Furthermore, they are more translucent than most other veneers, so they look more natural while being tough enough to hold up for years and years.


If you want to address cosmetic flaws on your teeth, then you're probably a good candidate for Lumineers. However, there are a number of factors that will need to be discussed before your procedure can begin. During your consultation at Zensmiles, Dr. Shardha will examine your mouth to determine whether your teeth are healthy and free of cavities. This is important since your teeth are being covered rather than replaced. This means that the supporting teeth have to be free from corrosion or decay. It's also important to have proper bite alignment before receiving Lumineers. While they are commonly called "instant orthodontics," they cannot repair bite issues. Therefore, if you have a serious overbite or underbite, then conventional braces may be a better solution for the time being. People who have severe bruxism or teeth grinding may not be suitable for Lumineers.

What To Expect

During your consultation, Dr. Shardha will carefully create a mold of your teeth to send to our partner, Lumineers laboratory, that will create your custom shells. We'll work together with you to determine the tooth color that best matches your existing teeth while helping to fulfill your expectations. Since there's absolutely no need to file your teeth to fit your Lumineers, you won't need to be fitted with temporary ones while you wait for the permanent pieces to be created. When your Lumineers are finished, you'll need to return to Zensmiles so that we can comfortably bond your shells to your teeth. This premier bonding process can reveal outstanding results while your entire tooth remains intact beneath it.


Do you want to brighten your already healthy smile? For more than 30 years, Lumineers have been the primary choice for millions of patients who want to take their smile to the next level. Dr. Shardha has extensive experience in caring for his patients' dental health and addressing each and every one of their specific needs. It is our mission to explore the most optimal dental solutions for your unique situation. To learn more about Lumineers or to ask about your financing options, contact Zensmiles at your earliest convenience.

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