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About Root Canal Treatment

Damaged or deteriorating teeth are typically treated with a tooth-colored filling or a different type of replacement when they're identified and managed early. However, when left untreated and bacteria spread to the core of the tooth, also known as the pulp, root canal treatment is usually necessary to restore oral function and mitigate the need for extraction. A root canal is an advanced therapy offered at Zensmiles to remove contaminated inner tissue and seal off the affected tooth in order to restore dental health. Board-certified dentist Dr. Mohit Shardha treats infected or internally damaged teeth using advanced root canal therapy and offers sedation solutions to further boost patient comfort. If you have a significantly damaged or abscessed tooth, call our Frisco, TX practice at your earliest convenience to learn about the perks of delicate root canal treatment.

Are You a Candidate for a Root Canal?

Damaged tooth pulp could be a result of significant tooth decay, a large break, or an accident. Dr. Shardha can call for a digital scan and perform a dental exam to find out if a root canal or another procedure is required to relieve tooth discomfort and save your oral wellness. Several of the signs that may indicate the need for a root canal include sharp or dull tooth discomfort, other lasting dental pain, discomfort while biting, and sensitivity to high and low food temperatures. You may also have swelling focused around your lower face or gums, a pus-filled boil around your gum tissue, or discoloration of a tooth after an injury.

The Root Canal Process

We use advanced techniques to help elevate our patients' comfort during root canal treatment. At our Frisco, TX office, root canals are done with local anesthesia and may be coupled with sedation services to allow for increased ease and comfort. Once the tooth is numb, Dr. Shardha will place a covering to safeguard the patient's teeth and gums and will examine the abscessed area through a small opening created in the upper part of the tooth. He'll then take out the pulp (the structure that contains the nerve center and blood supply inside of every tooth) and restructure the area using handheld tools prior to thoroughly sterilizing it. Dr. Shardha will then seal the damaged tooth with a special material and follow that with an anesthetic filling to kick off the recovery process.

Save Your Tooth and Smile

Damaged or infected teeth can introduce a wide range of oral and general wellness concerns when not treated quickly. However, thanks to advances in current dentistry, root canals at Zensmiles are an effective approach to rescue your tooth and, ultimately, your dental health. Call our practice in Frisco, TX to schedule a visit with board-certified dentist Dr. Mohit Shardha and learn more about this specialized endodontic treatment.

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