Frisco, TX | Freedom To Smile Again | Zensmiles

A patient talks about her wonderful experience at Zensmiles where she has had crowns seated.


Speaker 1: Before coming to Zensmiles, I would not smile at all, I would be more likely to cover up my smile completely, or put my hand over my mouth if I was laughing. I finally knew that sedation dentistry was the right choice to me to get all the work I needed to do because my teeth were so sensitive from all the work that I needed to have that I had just been putting off for so long. After coming to Zensmiles, within three short hours, I just slept the entire time, did not feel anything, it looked absolutely amazing, and now that the final is done, I have my crowns, it has been the best experience of my life, and I can finally smile, and take pictures and be happy to show off my beautiful smile.