Frisco, TX | Get That Twinkle Back In Your Eyes & Smile | Zensmiles

A patient of Zensmiles talks about her journey before and after having her teeth repaired by Zensmiles dentist.


Speaker: I had a very ugly smile, ugly teeth, missing teeth, needed a lot of work done. I couldn't smile without covering my mouth. And I came here and had my teeth changed in one day. Actually, my whole life changed. And it is possible to love your smile again, to love the way you look when you look in the mirror and to be happy with the way you look.

Speaker: I don't remember any of it. The sedation was awesome. I know they woke me up a few times, they said, to tell me a few things, but I don't remember any of that. It was very easy, and it was just a great experience. And I'm so happy that this is what I did. And it's taken me a long time, and I wish I'd done it sooner.