Frisco, TX | Sedation Dentistry in Frisco at Zensmiles | Zensmiles

Zensmiles patient Grace talks about her fear of the dentist and how sedation dentistry made it possible to get her smile back.


Grace: My name is Grace Wallistokes, one who was terrified of the dentist, and because I was terrified of the dentist, I got none of the dental work done that I should have gotten done. So, of course, it escalated until a tooth fell out. I could not go into public like that. And so that sent me to the dentist, and here I am. If you look at my before pictures and look at my now pictures, get your dental work done. It's not as bad, especially if you can be sedated. I was sedated and felt nothing. So I am a happy camper now, and I'm sure you will be too.