Frisco, TX | Smile with Zensmiles | Zensmiles

We take a look at Greg, a patient at Zensmiles General & Sleep Dentistry as he talks about his experience before and after his procedure at Zensmiles.


Greg: My name is Greg. I spent years with a terrible smile and I didn't smile a lot of times because my smile and my teeth were so messed up. But on the same note, I spent years trying to find a dentist that could take care of me and give me a beautiful smile. I found Zensmiles here in Frisco, Texas. The staff was great. I came in for an assessment and made an appointment. A few weeks later, I came in. No worries. They put me to sleep, took care of the work they needed to. I woke up, went home, very minimal pain, came back a couple of weeks later and got a brand new smile. It's been great. I like to smile now and it's just a lot of fun to be able to go out and talk with people and not have to worry about how my smile looks. Thanks to Zensmiles and Dr. Shardha and his staff. It's been great. Thank you.